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Whether you’re uncertain of your voter status or have long been putting off registering, it’s time to take that leap now. With the presidential election looming closer than ever, get registered to vote in a few simple steps.


National Student Registration Rate


Williams Student Registration Rate


National Student Voting Rate


Williams Student Voting Rate

*as of 2018

Want to learn more?

From updated voting policies for your state to information about running candidates to the voting process itself, we’ve got you covered with our thorough list of resources to explore.

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Upcoming Events

Become a Peer Coordinator!

This fall, we are launching a new initiative to develop a network of peer registration coordinators across campus to help us achieve our goal of 100% campus voter registration and turnout in the upcoming November elections. By giving you the tools to get your friends registered to vote, we are bringing the power of change to your hands.

About Us

EphVotes is Williams’ first ever voter outreach organization. Our mission is to promote voter registration, turnout, and civic engagement on campus. By bringing together students, faculty, and staff in a nonpartisan manner, EphVotes hopes to increase campus registration and voting rates and make it as easy as possible for every Eph to vote. Whether an experienced community organizer or someone new to the concept, we welcome everyone into our big tent. 

Note: EphVotes is a nonpartisan organization, unaffiliated with any political party or candidates. We also note that not all members of our community have the privilege of voting in elections, and support all efforts to expand the franchise. Lastly, we recognize that voting is not the cure to all of the United States’ deep-rooted issues and that other forms of civic engagement and activism are necessary to effect change.